Parking tickets in Vienna

The parking time in certain areas is strictly limited. Depending on the time for which you want to leave the car, you need to purchase an appropriate parking ticket.

Parking tickets in Vienna are divided into several types depending on the duration of the parking. For the convenience of users, parking tickets have different colors.

Tariffs for parking:

Pink Talon - Free of charge (Available at any Hotel or Tobacco Shop)

Red Talon - 1,25 Euro

Blue Talon - 2,50 Euro

Green Talon - 3,75 Euro

Yellow Talon - 5,00 Euro

Please note that the parking ticket is required from the first minute of parking, even for short stops, for example, to unload the luggage.

For these purposes there are free 15-minute coupons (cannot be combined with other types of parking tickets)

Since September 1, 2013, the free parking time in Vienna has been increased from 10 to 15 minutes. Despite this, you may get a parking ticket, which indicates that its operation time is only 10 minutes. Do not worry, in Vienna it will be valid for 15 minutes.

If you use several parking tickets at once, then each of them should be given the same arrival time.


What does the parking ticket look like?

The parking ticket is a solid sheet of paper about 8x17 cm in size. It has 4 vertical margins for marks and one more field for entering the current year.

1. In the first vertical field, note the month (Monat).

2. The second vertical field is marked with a day (Tag).

3. In the third vertical field it is necessary to mark the hour (Stunde).

4. In the fourth vertical field, note the 15-minute period from which the parking time (Min) will be counted.

5. In the last fifth field, the current year (Jahr) is manually entered.

In this parking ticket the following parking time is noted:
April 22, 2017 from 15.30 to 17.30

The free parking ticket is slightly different from the paid ones. It only needs to fill in two fields.



1. The time of arrival is indicated in the Stunde field.
2. The Minute field specifies the exact time of arrival.


Where to buy it?

All types of parking tickets are available:

  • In tobacco kiosks
  • In vending machines for cigarettes
  • At gas stations
  • In points of pre-sale of the Vienna city lines
  • In slot machines for Vienna city lines
  • In car clubs ARBÖ and ÖAMTC

Free parking tickets (for 15 minutes) are available in the information offices of the city and in the service centers for citizens (Bürgerdienst). In addition, they are available at check-in desks in hotels that do not have their own parking.


Where is it located?

Parking tickets should be placed in a clearly visible place behind the windshield or in any other specially designated place if the space behind the windshield is not sufficiently visible.

Employees of the parking service can write a penalty for unpaid parking in the event that the parking ticket is not clearly visible.frown

How do I fill in a Parking Ticket?

1. The following fields should be clearly marked in the parking ticket:

  • Month
  • Day
  • Hour
  • Minutes

The year is filled in the corresponding field
It is necessary to fill in all of the above fields so that the parking ticket becomes valid.

2. Always fill in the arrival time. You can round it up to the nearest 15-minute period (for paid parking coupons). For example:

  • Arrival time: 10.06
  • Note: 10.15
  • Check in time: 16.49
  • Note: 17.00

3. Incorrectly filled parking tickets must be disposed of. You cannot make corrections to already filled in parking tickets.

4. If you use several parking tickets, you should immediately note the same arrival time on each of them. For example:

  • For parking for 1 hour, from 9.15 to 10.15, you can use 2 red 30-minute parking coupons

 Correct: it is necessary to note the same arrival time on each of them: 9:15
 Wrong: you mark 9:15 on the first coupon and 9:45 on the second

  • Note the minutes
  • Indicate the year

5. When using 15-minute purple parking tickets, you have to note accurately the time (to the nearest minute) of your arrival. If your arrival time has only one digit (for example, 8 am or 9 minutes), then this figure has to be set to "0". That is not 8 hours 9 minutes, but 08 hours 09 minutes.

It is forbidden:

  • To use more than one 15-minute parking ticket at the same time
  • To use a 15-minute parking ticket in conjunction with a red, blue, green or yellow parking ticket

To use several parking tickets, exceeding the maximum permissible duration of parking in the given place
The usual penalty for violation of the parking rules is € 36. In case of detection of falsifications with a parking ticket, the fine increases to € 240.