About Us

"Start your adventure by turning on the ignition switch.."





Careta gives you the opportunity to experience freedom and see as much as possible. Our goal is your convenient car rental from start to finish. 


“The process of renting a car at Careta is as simple and enjoyable as driving your own car.”


The safety of our customers is our top priority; therefore, we guarantee you the rental of only new cars of highest quality, corresponding to the world safety standards. Not to mention the high level of service, compliance with the standards of quality of services provided, corporate culture, reliability of cars and low prices.


“The maximum car longevity according to the Careta standards does not exceed two years."


Renting a car is freedom that we give you at a very attractive price. But this is only a small part of what we do. We work to make the car rental problem-free, fast and pleasant. We stay with you from the beginning of the lease to its completion.  


"We support you throughout the trip, always and everywhere, where you may need help .."